Nothing is Invincible.



Not even the mighty MacBook!

MacBook Repair Experts

We can handle any issues your MacBook may have.

Why Us?

LogiRepair can perform any MacBook repair needed. Whether it’s reformatting or replacing an HDD/SSD, swapping out bad RAM, or cleaning out and maintaining system integrity, we are your go-to technicians for all of these MacBook repairs and much more!

Benefits of using LogiRepair:


✓ Drop off to our shop or we come to your home or business!

✓ We repair all MacBooks

✓ 10+ years experience and certified techs

✓ We will beat any verified competitors price

✓ Trustworthy, family owned, and local.

macbook virus removals

MacBook Virus Removals

Macbook Screen Repair

MacBook Screen Repairs

 battery replacement

MacBook Battery Replacement

MacBooks have inaccessible batteries like most modern laptops that you can’t easily pop them out and replace. We are able to open up the MacBook and change the battery with ease.

charging port

MacBook MagSafe Charging Port Repair

MacBook MagSafe charging ports can’t easily get damaged when someone accidentally trips over the charger wire while it’s plugged in, like conventional laptop charging ports can, but they are still prone to other types of damage from debris buildup and tampering. New charging ports can either be snapped in or soldered.

data backup/transfer

MacBook Data Backup & Transfer

Need a backup solution? We provide all sorts of backup services and will consult you based on your specific needs. As a BackBlaze partner, we can provide a crash plan for $50 a year unlimited backup. If your computer dies you can just restore it immediately with continuous backup!

MacBook Repair HDD&SDD Replacement

MacBook HDD & SSD Replacement

What’s a hard drive? What’s a SSD? Both essentially are the same thing. Think of it as your closet. It stores everything. Old hard drives are mechanical and lose life like a car engine. New SSD’s are instant and have no moving parts. These SSDs make your old or new computer just as fast as computers out on the shelves now! Consider upgrading to an SSD if your hard drive fails. We can diagnose these and recover your data off failing drives!

macbook keyboard

MacBook Keyboard Repair

MacBook keyboards can malfunction over time especially when stuff finds its way through the cracks. Unlike a regular keyboard that you can replace and toss away, these keyboards take some work to remove and install. That’s where we come in!

laptop repair laptop ram

MacBook Memory Replacements

Is your MacBook slow? You may want to consider a Memory (RAM) upgrade. However, these days the problem usually lies with the hard drive if you’re worried about speed. Maybe you need a SSD. Unless you still have 4-8GB of RAM. However if you get a Blue Screen Of Death related to your memory, you’ll want to replace it. We can see exactly what the problem is. If you just want a simple memory upgrade we can find the exact one for you!


MacBook Motherboard Diagnosis/Replacement

Logirepair are experts when it comes to pinpointing the problem with your MacBook shutting down or overheating. This can be old thermal paste or simply a component on the motherboard. Motherboards have many parts like the Northbridge and the Southbridge. We can diagnose the problem specifically. We are also an authorized warranty center for hardware replacements!


MacBook Trackpad Repair

MacBook trackpads like keyboards are prone to malfunction after extensive use and are not like a mouse you can easily replace. It will take some surgery to remove and replace the trackpad, but we are fully capable of expertly doing the repair.

macbook repair water damage

MacBook Liquid Damage Repair

Accidentally drop your glass of water or other liquid onto your MacBook? This can be dangerous and spark a fire if not resolved quickly. LogiRepair is able to fix and replace liquid damaged components inside your MacBook. We’ll get it up and running again as soon as the parts arrive!


Operating System Reload

If your computer has been severely affected by a virus, we generally recommend wiping it out; if it’s not possible to securely rid a virus and we are not sure it’ll be gone. We have access to all operating systems available for Windows and Mac. Yes, it will be legit. Sometimes it needs to be reloaded for other reasons, like issues that just wont stop nagging!