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Expert Computer Virus Removal.


 Depending on the severity of the virus we can get you computer back to you within a day. If the infection is severe and requires re-installation of programs or operating system we will work diligently to get your computer back to you as fast as possible!

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✓ Fast turn-around time

✓ 15+ years experience and certified techs

✓ We will beat any verified competitors price

✓ Trustworthy, family owned, and local.

Don't leave your computer on!

It can be susceptible to viruses using your computer for internet purposes under your name. They can use your computer for illegal things remotely, and transfer stuff off your computer without your consent!

computer virus removal

How to tell if a virus is affecting your computer:

  • Sluggish response times
  • Page redirects when searching on google
  • Your mouse moves by itself
  • A screen prevents you from doing anything
  • You can’t get online or get to the right websites

Some of these viruses can be disastrous. That’s why it’s important to have a no-fail backup plan! Most of the time we can clean out the viruses; however sometimes it may take as much as completely wiping out your computer and reinstalling the operating system on it (Mac OS or Windows). We back up your data and scan them for viruses before putting it on your fresh install of windows. It’ll be new again like the day you bought it!

Examples of real computer viruses →

tech services essential business
LogiRepair is a Tech Services Essential Business

Update - WE ARE OPEN - but here's what changes to expect until further notice.

It is with sad dismay we must make this announcement - the COVID - 19 Coronavirus is severely impacting and changing everybody's lives. We're here to assist, and we are open during normal business hours - however we must make changes to how we do business at LogiRepair until further notice.

Essentially, we will not be visiting anybody's homes, or coming into contact with clients. The only exception for homes is utilizing our pick-up and drop-off service.

Business IT Services - As a tech services essential business; we are required to perform business-to-business services for other essential businesses in New York. Electronics and technology are an essential need for businesses to operate. We are available for Medical Offices as we are HIPAA compliant. We prefer to limit our services to EMERGENCY ONLY, if the issue cannot be resolved remotely. If we must come on site, LogiRepair will take all precautions with masks, gloves, and sanitizing agents. We ask that no one else be present during repairs. All communication will be handled electronically.

iPhone Repairs and iPad Repairs will utilize a Mailbox Service. Here's how this works:
1. Determine if we are picking up and dropping off your device at an additional fee based on your zip code, OR you may drop it off in our residential home Mailbox at 3 Dearborn Ave. Patchogue, NY 11772.
2. Call or Text us at (631)317-1709. Schedule an appointment and designated time for your phone or tablet repair (to place in mailbox).
3. Briefly before you arrive, or we arrive you will place the device in your mailbox. When receiving your device it will be sanitized immediately.
4. We will repair your device, sanitize it again and place it in a baggie, then return it to your mailbox safely. You will be alerted when it is in the mailbox.

Computers: PC, and Mac Repairs
If a repair can be done remotely, this attempt will be done first. Remote computer repair is widely common. Since these devices cannot fit in mailboxes, we ask that you put it in a safe location away from weather elements, not inside anything. LogiRepair will let you know when we arrive so you can place your computer there. The same format will follow if you are dropping it off at our residence, it will be on the entry steps.

All payments will be digital via Debit Card/Credit Card, Apple Pay, Bank Transfer, or PayPal. Only known businesses will be able to mail a check to us. New businesses must leave a check on site.

If you have any questions, please ask. We urge you to visit NY Governor Cuomo's Issues Guidance on Essential Business List